So you want to make money from podcasting?

Tips for making a business of your podcasting passion. By Caroline Elliot. Podcasts are a crowded marketplace but with the right idea - and lots of energy - there is money to be made from the format.  That's the message from a recent Audiotrain Masterclass I hosted on behalf of Audio UK on The Business [...]

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Building Resilience

How do you build resilience? By Caroline Elliot.   Recently a legal company in Belgium called Argo had the brilliant idea of having an evening for the women in the company and they were each asked to invite a female client or associate.  So a wonderful group of motivated and dynamic ladies arrived at a [...]

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The Power of Empathy

By Kate Hoyland. It’s a well-known fact that empathy can have a transformative effect in relationships, whether they are work, personal or parental. What’s less well understood is how to actually ‘be’ empathic, especially in a world that often demands a quick fix and a definable solution. The psychologist Carl Rogers first identified empathy as [...]

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Introduction to podcasting: new course

Venue: Lyric Theatre Hammersmith Date: 20th April Time: 1000 - 1700 Cost: £120 plus VAT. (Ten per cent discount for those who have previously participated in Quattrain Training.) Book:  info@quattrain.uk Podcasts are a great way to engage the public and hook audiences in. More personal and intimate than video, they are also simple to produce. In [...]

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How to combat unconscious bias

By Caroline Elliot. I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a session for Ambition School Leadership for a wonderful group of would be head teachers on the subject of diversity.    We covered many subjects but the one that seemed to capture their imagination was ‘unconscious bias’.   So what is unconscious bias?  Well, one definition is [...]

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Can you teach doctors emotional intelligence?

By Natasha Maw. I come from a family of doctors and nurses but medicine wasn’t my particular vocation.  I’ve always been more interested in how people communicate and tell stories which is why I firstly became a radio producer, and then a coach.  Recently these two worlds have come together, and I will soon be [...]

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From a Shed in the Garden to an Office in Town: Growing your Business

By Caroline Elliot I ran a session for the Radio Independents Group recently which looked at how and when you should grow your business.   It was fascinating to hear about the different challenges facing the companies – from bigger companies who felt it was too much work given their limited time to think about future strategy, to [...]

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Negotiating your way to success

New research suggests that women in their 20s and 30s are now negotiating salary increases as often as men.   Well if that’s true, then hurrah.  However, when it comes to negotiating that pay rise it would seem that both men and women could do better – some fairly old statistics I found suggested that 75% [...]

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Women Taking the Lead

Caroline Elliot gives some tips for women leaders on finding a network and thriving in a male industry. I travelled to Antwerp last week to meet a wonderful group of powerful women who are part of a new Networking group MizBiz.    It has been founded by four bright, professional women who feel there is an [...]

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Creative Leadership: the secrets.

I’ve just finished running the final two days of a Business Leaders’ Course for the Radio Independents Group. The focus was Creative Leadership: how to lead creative teams and develop new business ideas, and the course brought together a mix of those running established companies, some who were just starting up on their own and [...]

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