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Negotiating your way to success

New research suggests that women in their 20s and 30s are now negotiating salary increases as often as men.   Well if that’s true, then hurrah.  However, when it comes to negotiating that pay rise it would seem that both men and women could do better – some fairly old statistics I found suggested that 75% [...]

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Women Taking the Lead

Caroline Elliot gives some tips for women leaders on finding a network and thriving in a male industry. I travelled to Antwerp last week to meet a wonderful group of powerful women who are part of a new Networking group MizBiz.    It has been founded by four bright, professional women who feel there is an [...]

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Creative Leadership: the secrets.

I’ve just finished running the final two days of a Business Leaders’ Course for the Radio Independents Group. The focus was Creative Leadership: how to lead creative teams and develop new business ideas, and the course brought together a mix of those running established companies, some who were just starting up on their own and [...]

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Mentoring – how to get the best out of it

At Quattrain we believe that training and mentoring go hand in hand, the mentoring is a means of putting the learning into action. We are currently running a BAME mentoring and training scheme for the Radio Independents Group and it’s an opportunity to test our belief about the mutual benefit of training and mentoring. Sometimes [...]

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The Quattrain Christmas Message

Quattrain is just over a year old, and in the Christmas spirit, it seemed like a good point to reflect on what it’s been like working in partnership with four women. By its nature this blog will be more personal than some of our other offerings (you can catch up on the Quattrain blog here), [...]

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2016 Training Treats from Quattrain

As we race at a speedy pace into the middle of January – the traditional month of goal setting and resolutions, we at Quattrain are mindful that discovering or enhancing a new skill is a positive and achievable goal. As we convince ourselves that we really can survive on 400 calories squashed into a 4 [...]

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Powerful Presentations: the death of powerpoint?

We have been running workshops for both Imperial College and the Future Leaders Trust about how to make an impact when you are giving a presentation. I felt that I had seen it all in my years of attending Board meetings – good, bad, boring, fascinating presentations – and also managed to deliver a few [...]

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How to make a podcast

We’ve recently been running a series of day-long courses on podcasting, with the Open City Docs team. These are introductions for lovers of audio, storytelling and the human voice, whose enthusiasm may not yet match their knowledge of this popular and flexible medium. One of the key messages of the course is that podcasting is [...]

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Work / life balance: make a list

I have struggled with the work life balance. No more so than when I was a full-time working single mother with two children under 10 who needed me. It was a matter of getting through each day with cobbled-together childcare, caffeine-fuelled work and an uneasy sense that at any moment the whole edifice might come [...]

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Quattrain @ Google

We’re proud of our very own Natasha Maw, speaking at an event hosted by Google, all about adapting business and mentoring skills to a foreign environment.

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