We are experienced journalists, producers and editors, with inside knowledge of the media landscape

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Our suite of media courses includes:

  • peng-anthony-bbc-world-e1448540551719

    Interview on BBC World as part of Quattrain’s Communications Lead for the Climate Health Commission

    Mastering the Media
    The one day workshop gives you a grounding in understanding what the press and broadcast media wants,  how to tailor messages accordingly by understanding the news agenda and  preparing and delivering effective media interviews.

  • How to get Media Interest
    A course to help those who want media coverage based on an understanding of knowing your customer/audience, building key relationships, media outlets story structure and news hooks.
  • Think Like a Journalist
    This half day course builds skills for for writing simple and powerful messages by adapting complicated material into succinct copy which hits the headlines.  By the end of the workshop you will understand how to translate lengthy abstracts and text based copy into online headlines that speak to an audience.
  • Introduction to Podcasting
    How to create, record and distribute engaging podcasts.  By the end of this one day workshop you will have recorded a short podcast (either on smartphone or digital recorder) and understood how to broadcast .rss feeds and market to your audience.
  • Social Media Surgery
    This workshop looks at how to best represent yourself and your organisation on line and how to promote yourself or your organisation on Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Editorial Essentials
    A review of the media landscape with professionals from Ofcom and BBC editorial policy, to help you make editorially sound decisions in programme making, while keeping yourself up to date with current broadcast legislation and libel.
  • Being interviewed. This one day course ran by former BBC presenters and producers introduces you to techniques used to get your argument across in both live and pre-recorded interview situations.  Using practical interview techniques and video recordings, you leave the course with an understanding of presentation styles, confidence skills, interview techniques and understanding body language.
  • Crisis Communication
    This two day workshop, teaches you to present a clear message to the media and specific audiences, in times of breaking news and crisis.  With practical filming and writing sessions, you will put the audience at the heart of your communications, by presenting concise and emotionally intelligent language, that will control and calm your audience and customers, whilst using crisis management skills and contingency planning.
  • RIGtrain
    We are the training partner for the RIGtrain scheme, providing key leadership, editorial & production skills for the Radio Independents Industry in the UK.
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